Lactation Bundle

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Support breast milk production with this trio of nutrient rich products. Each has been specially formulated to help replenish a mother's core resources for lactation - blood and Qi ("Chee").

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the Spleen-Pancreas system needs to be energised to be able to do this transformative work - also know as sufficient “Spleen-Qi”. Women are often already struggling in this area before pregnancy and so this paired with the rigours of pregnancy and birthing can bring added pressure. Furthermore, in TCM, it is said that women lose a vast amount of Qi and Blood during birthing. The postpartum time should be intently focused on replenishing these core resources and this bundle can do just that.

Bundle Includes:

  • 1 x Lactation Chocolate Balls
  • 1 x Choc-Chip Mama Cookies
  • 1 x Pre + Postnatal Herbal Tea

While taking energy from the external world, forming Blood and making milk is one part of lactation, the other part is action and flow so that the milk is created and moved into the baby. This component is reliant of the Liver system which can be supported with Acupuncture treatments. Learn more