the golden month



Kathryn Warr


Kat is the Mumma-bear of Ivoryrose, turning her vision into a reality back in 2015, she is humbled by the response and growth of the Ivoryrose community. Finding her niche very early, Kat has always been focused on improving the lives of women at all ages, but has a soft spot for new mums navigating the season of motherhood.

With an approachable and kind nature, Kat takes time getting to know each patient. She has experience in treating a range of musculoskeletal conditions and is our go-to Physiotherapist for complex pelvic floor conditions. From pessary fittings to complex pelvic pain and incontinence, Kat believes knowledge really is power and spends ample time on professional development every year.

Originally a Sydney-sider, it's not uncommon to hear Kat proclaiming her love Adelaide - often calling it Australia's 'best kept secret'. When not at Ivoryrose, she spends her time gushing over her little dog Harriet, sharing quiet rejuvenating moments with close friends and connecting with her partner wherever possible.

Skill Set: Complex pelvic floor, sexual pain and dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain, prolapse and pessary fittings, incontinence, bowel disorders, pregnancy pain, abdominal muscle separation, postnatal checks, mastitis and more."

Rebekah Mauger


Rebekah is a physiotherapist who has a passion for all things pelvic health. She gained a keen interest in pelvic floor physiotherapy early on in her career and loved seeing big results from small changes. She is passionate about good quality health service and takes the time to listen to her patients.

Bek also believes that everyone who is post-natal should have a pelvic floor assessment. Physiotherapy has the time to care for the whole person and really get to know the patient. This allows Bek to work with you to cater to your specific goals.

Bek is a passionate advocate for pelvic floor health including continence, pain, post surgical and cancer rehab.

Bek consults at sportsmed Morphett Vale and Stepney.

Sally Mender


Sally graduated from Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia with a Graduate Entry Masters of Physiotherapy after completing an undergraduate Bachelor of Science majoring in Anatomy and Human Biology.

Sally loves staying active through long distance running, getting to the gym, and chasing her daughters around the playground.

Pregnancy is a special time, but so often mums-to-be feel lost and overwhelmed with the information available. Through Aspire’s free information sessions, a range of classes and our pregnancy-friendly Physiotherapy treatment, Sally spends a lot of her time looking after women during this special time. She also has a love for postnatal care and helping new mothers with her postnatal pilates and physio.


Amanda Chow


'Amanda is a registered chiropractor, specialist yoga teacher and childbirth educator with over 20 years experience caring for women in pregnancy and postpartum. She has gained extensive knowledge and education with postgraduate studies and trainings to support women and their babies as they transition into motherhood.

Amanda owns Nest Yoga & Wellbeing, where she offers gentle chiropractic care for women during pregnancy and postnatally. She runs prenatal and mums and bubs yoga at her studio with a special focus on creating community for women to share anthems special journey.

Active birth classes run regularly at Nest to educate and empower new parents to be to have the birth they desire.

Amanda has just recently joined the Bliss Baby Yoga team as a facilitator to deliver the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Trainings in Adelaide.'

Dr Kirstie Kendrick


Dr Kirstie Kendrick is a gentle chiropractor based in Chandlers Hill and Aldinga.

As a mother of two, Kirstie brings a great depth of practical experience to her Masters degree in Clinical Chiropractic and additional studies in Paediatrics and Pregnancy care.

Kirstie particularly enjoys helping women work towards their optimal birth, and helping infants with feeding issues. She continues to study in these areas, and has enjoyed working alongside Lactation Consultants, Midwives, Yoga teachers and Massage therapists, including Nadia Parisi from The Nourished Mum.

Kirstie also has a keen interest in headache management, migraines and plagiocephaly, and is working towards Craniopathy certification.

Kirstie uses gentle techniques to help restore people to their full health potential.

Health fund receipts available to claim by request.

Lactation Consultant

Megan Goodeve

Lactation Consultant

Megan is a Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Medicare- Endorsed Midwife with over 20 years experience providing comprehensive, holistic and evidence based care to families. During this time Megan has gained extensive experience in providing pregnancy, postnatal, newborn cares and breastfeeding support to guide many woman and families to succeed in parenting.

Megan is a Childbirth Educator and holds a Certificate in Perinatal Mental Health as well as skills in acupressure, gentle myofascial release and is a certified HypnoMothering Practitioner.

Megan has worked in a variety of settings throughout Adelaide, including country, private and large metropolitan hospitals as well as in continuity midwifery models. Megan has attained notation as an Endorsed Midwife (entailing thousands of hours in midwifery care, postgraduate university studies and collaborative arrangements with Obstetrician/GP’s), thus entitling her to provide a continuum of care to women during their pregnancy and post birth period with Medicare rebates available.

After the birth of her child, Megan realised the fragmented care within the constraints of hospitals/obstetric care meant that often women and families were not set up to succeed. The huge void in postnatal support meant women were poorly equipped. She realised that women needed to feel nurtured, listen to and supported to develop the skills necessary to grow and thrive in their new role. Megan began her successful private practice- Adelaide Lactation Consultants & Midwifery to change the way care is offered by supporting and enriching families on their journey. A flexible approach to midwifery care means women can find a care option to suit them!

Megan is respected within the professional community and has strong professional networks with medical and holistic practitioners from a variety of modalities including obstetrics, acupuncture, chiropractic, physiotherapy, complimentary therapies, mental health and osteopathy

Postnatal Specialist

Megan Goodeve

Postnatal Specialist / Pilates Instructor

Tammy Obst is a Pre and Postnatal Specialist Trainer, Clinical Pilates Instructor and Speaker based in Adelaide. She has been working with women in the fitness industry for over 9 years and helps women become their healthiest both physically and mentally before trying for a baby. Tammy supports women with education and coaches them through their pregnancy, to help them to continue moving and adapting as the baby grows. As well as focusing on encouraging rest and repair postpartum to begin the healing process for the mother’s body, diastasis recti and any pelvic floor dysfunction.

For the past 9 years Tammy has helped women with 1on1 sessions, small group training and has now created two amazing workshops in the hope to reach more women. ‘A Healthy Pregnancy Workshop’ – Is an interactive afternoon with prenatal pilates and functional training, pelvic floor and birth education and prenatal yoga and mindfulness. ‘Postnatal Core Restore Workshop’- Takes new mums through a series of breathing exercises, restoring posture, reconnecting to pelvic floor and deep core post baby and looking at what steps you need to take to rebuild strength to get back to feeling confident and on track toward your fitness goals.

Mid Wives

Hannah Wilsmore

Mid Wife

Hannah Willsmore is a Midwife in private practice and award winning childbirth educator based in Adelaide, South Australia. With her background working as a Midwife in multiple hospitals over the past six years she knows the 'ins-and-outs' of the maternity system here in Australia, and is passionate about helping women to achieve a positive pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience.

She has completed further study including becoming a certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner, graduating as a Beautiful You Coaching Academy Life Coach and completing postgraduate midwifery studies in Prescribing, Screening and Diagnostics which allows her to prescribe medications and order ultrasounds/blood tests when necessary.

She has a passion for education and holistic, evidence based care, and strives to support women to thrive, not just survive in their new role. She currently offers a variety of midwifery services including postnatal in home care packages and breastfeeding success sessions to mamas in Adelaide.

Nikita Gardiner

Mid Wife

Nikita Gardiner is an endorsed midwife working in private practice. She also co-facilitates the Active Birth Workshops with Nadia. Nikita has a strong passion for providing women with support along any stages of their journey and helping families feel in control and informed through their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. She provides comprehensive antenatal, birth support and postnatal services to the families of South Australia.

Nikita has completed her Masters in Primary Maternity Care, giving her further insight into the well-researched benefits of midwifery continuity of care and she is passionate about providing this to all women as well as enabling her to prescribe medications, order tests and take blood samples. She has also undertaken further education in breastfeeding and is working towards her International Board Certified Lactation Consultant qualification in the future.

After the birth of her first child, she developed a passion for postnatal care, as it is an area that does not always receive the attention it deserves. Pregnancy and birth are a hugely significant event for women and their families, however those first few weeks with a new baby are the beginning of that family’s whole life together and therefore also needs time and attention. A good start can make all the difference to the years ahead.

Nikita believes in providing more of the village feel, consistent with the Golden Month philosophy, where she supports the new family around transition to parenting, feeding support, care for baby and supporting mums’ postnatal recovery. She complements Nadia and Carla’s work by providing specialised care with an emotionally supportive approach.

Postnatal care can come in many shapes and sizes and Nikita strives to provide flexible care best suited to each individual family.

Nikki Jones

Mid Wife

I am Nikki Jones, a mumma to two beautiful children, a Registered Midwife, Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner Childbirth Educator and Birth Story Listener in Adelaide, SA.

I love teaching Hypnobirthing Australia's™ Positive Birth Program that is all about empowering women and their birth partners, supporting them to believe and trust in birth and not fear it. So, even with special circumstances so they feel prepared and have knowledge to make informed choices and decisions. Give them the right tools and techniques to remain calm and have good support around them to achieve the birth they desire. It is a comprehensive, evidenced based, independent childbirth education program that helps you prepare for the a positive birth experience, not a perfect birth so no matter turns your birthing journey may take, the first meeting with your beautiful baby is calm, empowering and one you will want to remember forever.

I offer monthly group workshops, private classes including teaching the positive caesarean birth course. I also run monthly new parent catch ups for new and expecting parents. I also offer birth story listening sessions for anyone wanting to debrief about their birth experience.

Placenta Expert

Erin Black

Certified Placenta Preparation Arts Specialist

Erin Black; enamoured wife and Mamma to 3 delicious wildlings residing on the North coast of Adelaide. I am a triple certified placenta preparation arts specialist, doula, childbirth educator and facilitator of gatherings, workshops and retreats.

I feel so blessed and honoured to be a member of Nadia and Carla's Golden Month village offering my placenta encapsulation services to the Golden Mammas of Adelaide.

A little about me; falling pregnant in 2012 saw my life catapulted on a whole new trajectory. I found myself inhaling any and all information I could find on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenthood, the womens mysteries and the sacred feminine. I soon realised that pregnancy and birth are two of life's biggest rites of passage that a woman and her family will experience, the effects of which are long lasting and far reaching.

I truly believe that peace on Earth begins with birth and I am so very passionate about offering and providing adequate support to women and their families during their sacred antenatal period. My dream is for a world where every woman feels wholeheartedly heard, supported, respected and honoured in mind, body and spirit during her journey; however it may unfold.


Rhianna Redclift


Rhianna is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics from Flinders University who has worked in hospital and private practice settings over the past 6 years. She is a mamma herself and has a special interest in working in women’s health, particularly pregnancy and postnatal nutrition. Rhianna takes an interest in the area of food sensitivities and intolerances and uses both the low FODMAP diet and RPAH elimination diet to uncover food sensitivities, which may also be affecting breastfed babies. Babies with food sensitivities may suffer from colicky behaviour, loose stools, eczema and nappy rash.

Rhianna has a passion for personalised and evidence based nutrition care and in helping clients to meet their health goals. Interest areas include diabetes, weight management, vegetarian and vegan diets, pregnancy and women’s health, irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerance and allergies.

Hairdresser / Beautician

Lisa Ngyuen

Hairdresser / Beautician

I've poured my heart and soul into my job, because beyond the creativity of styling is the ability to create and foster relationships. I have been hairdressing for 17 years, 10 of those years with a brand that I was (and still am) proud to be associated with. I love working in the industry and that has translated into a number of industry awards and accolades over the years.

Enough is a dream that I have been living and breathing for many, many years. The idea for the studio was born after many years of suffering painful chemical irritations and dermatitis on my hands as a hairdresser. I realised there was a huge problem in the industry - I didn't feel comfortable using products that contained ingredients that were toxic and harm both customer and hairstylist. It took a toll on my health, and I came close to leaving the industry after some terrible reactions to the products I had to use in the salon. I started researching alternatives and realised there was an opportunity to combine my passions for yoga, wellness and hair into a clean space - and ENOUGH was born!

I am sharing what I know and getting the word out there that there are alternatives to the chemical and toxin heavy products used in salons - there can only be good things by introducing this type of salon experience to South Australians and the hair and health community.

Enough is Adelaide's first eco-ethical salon, to me being eco-ethical means making conscious decisions that respect and contribute to preserving the environment for future generations to come. You have a choice to support eco-ethical, but I hope in time it becomes the norm vs. one of a few.


Kimberly Peters

Reproductive Health Massage Therapist

Kimberley is a Reproductive Health Massage Therapist and has 15 years of experience as a health practitioner, specialising in Women's Health with a focused interest in fertility, post natal healing and reproductive health imbalances. Her work combines an ancient style of fertility and women’s health massage and bodywork, blending a nurturing combination of physical, emotional and spiritual techniques. A deeply healing and non-invasive therapy, it can help with circulation, hormonal balance and regulating the menstrual cycle, womb alignment, scar tissue release and post natal healing. This unique healing massage is for all people for all stages of life and may especially support people who have Endometriosis, PCOS, amenorrhea, PMS, fertility challenges, IVF support and new Mumma's. Kimberley dives deep into her work with passion, sensitivity and empathy, walking with women on their fertility, menstrual health and post natal journeys. She understands that to ready our bodies for healing, healthy cycles and hormones, conscious conception, pregnancy and post natal recovery, we need to connect into our womb wisdom and nurture our heart to womb connection. Kimberley's work centres around the guiding principle that for women to flourish with optimal health, fertility and menstrual harmony, Womb Medicine is a powerful modality that ignites the body's innate intelligence to heal itself and needs to play an integral role as the missing link to the holistic framework of women’s health. Kimberley is currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, specialising in herbal medicine and acupuncture.