Dr Carla Brion


Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

+ Acupuncturist

+ Women’s Health Specialist

+ Mother


Through TCM and Acupuncture, I have found my calling, in treating women in need specialising in hormones, fertility and pre + postnatal care. Then I became a mother (to my newly 1 year old daughter, Farrah) and my ‘why’ deepened. I saw the world in a different light. I feel more motivated and empowered to create change in this world, for my daughter and her daughter, and her daughter's daughter. We need to forge the way for the women to come.

I did not have the best birth nor the crustiest newborn phase (like most women I speak to). Learning about the 4th trimester years ago, I longed for that kind of care when I gave birth. But it wasn’t there for me, and nothing came close. I had so much love and support, but not at the level I needed. And of course, recovering from an emergency cesarean, I didn’t do all the things I intended to for myself. Just surviving in this new role as a mother was all I could manage. Looking back, I wish I had something like ‘The Golden Month’ at my fingertips.

I have a heart for supporting women, for they are my sisters. And I truly want to help on a much larger scale. This is why treating women in my clinic was not enough. Hence, The Golden Month was born. This idea and business has just recently been born, so we are starting small, one new mother (a ‘Golden Mama’) at a time with home visits and traditional TCM and Ayurvedic food provided. But Nadia and I have a vision to take this across the country, where we can provide food, herbs and a directory of postnatal carers for all mothers in need. Be cause they need this, we all need this. And it shouldn’t be for the elite and wealthy. Postnatal care should be a fundamental human right as a woman, so she can care for her baby.

The Golden Month is bringing back the red tent, bringing back the village, and giving to our mothers.



Nadia Parisi

Women’s Health Massage Therapist
+ Fertility, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher
+ Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner
+ Mother

I am a women’s health massage therapist, specialising in fertiltiy and pregnancy. I am mother of 3 absolutely amazing children. A once depleted mother, knowing first hand fatigue, Postnatal depression, anxiety, and barely making it through each day.

My husband and I separated when I was pregnant with my middle child (Zara, now a thriving 10 year old girl). I went through my pregnancy with very little support, as I managed to put on a brace face and very broken smile. By the time it came to labour, I was so deeply fatigued and isolated.

During my postpartum period, I ate little to no food. Although making healthy meals for my eldest child, Ethan, I was so tired that I would either not eat or grab high sugar and carb meals just to keep functioning.

Within a year of my daughter being born I was admitted to hospital. I had burnt out, physically, mentally and emotionally. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and a heart condition. I remember my Doctor saying, “I know you are a single mum, but don’t you have anyone to turn too”. In that moment I realised I had completely disconnected from my “tribe”, my “village”, my family and friends. I had so many amazing people around me, but due to my failed marriage, I was too ashamed to ask for help.

This is my core strive in co-creating ‘The Golden Month’ with Dr Carla Brion. For whatever, be it cultural, financial or whatever reason, women are not getting the postpartum care that is needed. Some women come from broken families, some women do not, but I do know that all women need in-home, postpartum care. They need to be nurtured and nourished, so in turn they can nurture and nourish their children.

In my time as a women’s health practitioner I have seen many women, all from different walks of life struggling with postpartum depression, fatigue and many health conditions due to the lack of care in this special time The Golden Month.

This is a project and business so close to our hearts and with you’re help, we can reach the homes and hearts of so many women, not just in Adelaide, but Australia wide.