Breastfeeding, mastitis, low milk supply or engorged breasts, low energy, insomnia, stress and anxiety, cramping, Caesarean healing, digestion, babies digestion to birth trauma, PTSD and postnatal depression to name a few.

Yes, most definitely. In fact, we highly recommend it as mothers post c-section need extra care and support in abdominal healing. About 20% of our mamas have had cesareans and we modify our treatments for them to focus on scar healing and to help with a quicker recovery. We can offer an optional foot spa/soak in place of our traditional bath relaxation.

Gentle postpartum massage is safe two weeks after a c-section. A free follow up visit will occur at 6 weeks post cesarean to perform womb massage as this can only be done from 6 weeks post cesarean. But certainly as part of The Golden Package, massage can be done safely by your practitioner.

There is one visit per week from one of our qualified practitioners. You'll be visited by a TCM Practitioner/Acupuncturist for 2 out of the 4 weeks and a qualified womens' Massage Therapist on the alternate weeks. Each practitioner will be in touch with you direct to arrange a time that it suitable for these in-home visits. At The Golden Month we are lucky to be connected with a village of extraordinary like-minded individuals who share the same passion for caring for women as we do.

The personalised herbs are different teas/tinctures depending on what you need. For example, if you lost a lot of blood during birth our TCM Practitioner would most likely recommend adding extra blood tonic herbs to your tea and broths to help replenish yin and blood. They're simply edible/drinkable herbal teas.

Our food is delivered fresh to your door each week. See our Service Areas & Delivery Days for details.

Each weekly delivery includes meals, snacks, herbal teas, herbs and tinctures for 5 days.

Our Womb Balm is coconut oil and cacao butter infused with rose geranium & she oak. It is formulated to be applied daily to the belly and/or even lower back from week two postpartum. Not only it is designed to help mothers connect to their centre and to bring back some love to where baby once was, it smells absolutely divine!

Please email us if this is your preference.

HPC is not covered under private health as of April 1, with the new systems in place BUT acupuncture is so you can claim half the package through this.

Midnight Wednesdays is our cut-off for delivery the following week.

Please see our Service Areas & Delivery Days to see if we deliver to your location and on which day. Our delivery partner will send a text message the night before delivery to confirm a time.

For those who wish to add some animal-based protein, this can be done at your choosing. For example, some mamas add poached chicken breast or cooked turkey mince to herbal congees.

Yes, our food is generally gluten free and can be made 100% gluten free upon request. Once booked, simply email us along with your order number to request.

We are unable to customise individual meals based on preference or dietary requirements other than GLUTEN FREE (GF). To request our GF option it is the responsibility of the customer to email us at hello@thegoldenmonth.com together with order number immediately after booking online to advise of this dietary request.

Yes, most funds cover home treatment claims, however, each individual fund is different. Please check with your chosen provider.
You can only claim for the ACUPUNCTURE and/or CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE treatments after each treatment (not when the payments have been made as the invoice needs to be dated according to when treatment was given).

Yes, two of your home visits are claimable under private health insurance At the end of your “Golden Month” we will email you receipts for claiming upon request.

Of course, we will always do our best to care for our clients. Simply email us with your special request and we will see what we can do.

While our food delivery days cannot be altered (please see our Service Areas & Delivery Days here) we will always do our best to care for our clients and work around their needs to ensure comfort.