Carla & Nadia

We are mothers caring for mothers.

We have a passion for supporting women at each stage of life’s journey, and especially into motherhood.

Over time, in clinic we have both noticed that mothers are becoming more and more depleeted and isolated. This not only deeply impacts the mother, but her children, family & community.

We are here to break the mould, shake things up & bring women more support, because it takes a village to hold the mother.

Our nourishing easy-to-make meals, snacks and self-care products are specifically formulated to support mothers.

Our entire nourishing range is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Ayurvedic practices. We tap into nature by prioritising natural plant-based ingredients that are packed with nutrients, and just as delicious as they are nourishing.

Everyone wants to hold the baby, we hold & truly nurture the mother.

By remembering the mother, we want to be remembered as the two Adelaide Mama’s who helped re-shaped how we support women in the western world.


For Carla Brion, a newfound sense of empowerment and motivation as a mother was the trigger to deepen her connection with assisting other women in the immediacy of birth. As a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, Carla specialises in hormone, fertility, and pre/postnatal care. But while finding her calling, Carla was still compelled to create change by looking after the
mother through nourishment. New mothers – Golden Mamas – deal with their most crucial time in postpartum after the journey of birthing a child is complete.

Carla, a mother of two, did not have ideal births or newborn phases. During her fourth trimesters, she was unable to get the physical help she needed and felt defeated. Her postpartum experience was one of survival, purely being a mother while recovering from an emergency Caesarean. What Carla needed was The Golden Month.

Working in her clinic, which also encompassed roles as acupuncturist and herbalist, was no longer enough. Carla began conceptualising nourishing food through her knowledge of TCM and Ayurveda as an addition to her work, and with Nadia, created The Golden Month. It began with home visits to accompany traditional TCM and Ayurvedic food, and now expands to a range of organic meals and snacks designed for the postpartum period.

Carla’s vision is to provide food, herbs, and a directory of postnatal carers nationwide for all mothers in need. Her belief that postnatal care should be a fundamental human right as a woman is what creates The Golden Month’s passionate voice. Forging the way for women to come, The Golden Month uses Carla’s medicinal expertise and her intense love for supporting others to create the easiest experience possible for her sisters – the Golden Mamas of the world.

“It's time to change our ways, to pick up the threads of knowledge that we forgot and weave them into a new kind of fabric to hold the mother. We must do it for ourselves and for our children, because the way women become mothers profoundly affects the way their children awaken to this world."

- Heng Ou


A defining separation and postpartum difficulties saw Nadia Parisi enter her darkest period before co-creating The Golden Month. Depleted, fatigued, anxious and barely making it through the day, the care she needed was nascent.

The women’s health massage therapist, fertility, pre/postnatal yoga teacher and holistic pelvic core practitioner struggled through a separation during the second of her three pregnancies with little support. After that birth, she provided only for her newborn and elder son, often forgetting to provide herself with food or resorting to meals with high sugar or carbohydrates.

Nadia was admitted to hospital within a year of the birth, emotionally and physically burnt out. Diagnosed with chronic fatigue and a heart condition, she felt her support network had been lost after an eye-opening conversation with her doctor. Her tribe had moved on. But the realisation that she didn’t have to feel shame saw Nadia reconnect with loved ones, ask for support, and gain a newfound strength and desire to assist others having trouble during the postpartum phase.

The gap between those being helped and those who aren’t is what drives Nadia’s love for The Golden Month. Her aim for assisting Golden Mamas – those on their postpartum journey at a most crucial time – is to open access for support to those who, for cultural or financial reasons, have previously struggled. In-home care to her is an essential part of the postpartum journey, along with
expressing the belief that mothers need to be nurtured and nourished, so their children can then be also.