Top 5 Reasons The Golden Package gets a Gold Star for 'Worthwhile Investment'

The Golden Package is an Investment in the Mother - in her overall health and wellbeing. Designed to nurture and hold space for her during this truly transformative stage of her life. 
It is an in-home service comprised of professional treatments (acupuncture and massage) and fresh food deliveries over a 4 week period, ideally to begin within the first week postpartum.
While the list is long, here are our top 5 reasons to book:
✨ 1 ✨ How a mother spends her first 40 days postpartum can determine how she experiences her next 40 years - depleted or thriving. The Golden Package is a holistic approach to nurturing mothers with treatments, food and connection in the aim to properly recover from and replace the enormous amount of energy it takes to grow and birth (no matter how) a baby. Filling her cup means she can thrive physically and mentally, rather than living life glass half empty.
✨ 2 ✨ Studies show mothers who have support in their first 40 days are less likely to suffer postpartum anxiety and depression, and the success rates for establishing breastfeeding are also higher when adequate support and care is provided.
✨ 3 ✨  Nurturing the mother promotes fertility for future pregnancies. As part of The Golden Package we focus on both vaginal and cesarean scar healing. We warm and aid the healing process of the reproductive organs with specific treatments and Chinese herbs found within our meals - each supporting jing, Qi "chi" and general wellbeing. Learn more about the benefits of TCM
✨ 4 ✨  Modern mothers are often under societal pressure to "bounce back", however, The Golden Package supports, and gives permission to, the mother to rest and heal in her own time. The package is designed to be delivered in the comfort of the mother's own home (their post-birth sanctuary) meaning they do not need to "get ready" and rush out the house to appointments. Our practitioners deliver in-home acupuncture, massage, herbal bathing + more. With this approach we have noticed mums feeling generally better faster and once their 40 days of rest is completed they are feeling energised rather than depleted and burnt out.
✨ 5 ✨ Ease of nutrition. Who doesn't love food, glorious food? In conjunction with in-home treatments, we deliver fresh nutritious food straight to the mother's door. Our meals are created by our own Co-Founder and Dr of Chinese Medicine in conjunction with a Nutritionist and then lovingly cooked by qualified Chefs. This takes the guess and stress work out of eating healthy. Boosting blood, qi (vital energy) has never been so easy. Mothers can rest, just heat, eat and enjoy delicious herbal infused meals. Think Chinese broths, congees and Ayurvedic dishes + beverages.
Each meal and home visit that makes up The Golden Package is made and delivered with intention, specific to the mother and serving her during one of the most scared journeys - motherhood.
While The Golden Package offers the ultimate postpartum support, we acknowledge limitations some may have in booking this service. While we are working towards servicing more location, we also acknowledge the budget factor. This is why we have put together several package options - food, treatment and product related - each designed to nurture and support because somethings are absolutely better than nothing at all.
Our aim is for every mother to feel supported during the postpartum recovery journey and transition into motherhood.