Women doing BIG things: - by ENOUGH studio

Can you briefly describe what you do, and how you fell in love with your craft/profession?

We are women caring for women. What we offer is unique, traditional postnatal care for new mums. We have packages to suit all mama’s from in-home care and treatment, fresh food delivery or care packages and healing products. Our food, products and services all serve to support, replenish and nourish the new mother in the fourth trimester, the most precious time.

Can you describe a moment or accomplishment (in life, love or business) that you hold dear?

We absolutely love it when we can support a new mother who is in need of all the support and care she can get. We have been able to gift mothers in need fresh food delivery in hospital when she needs it most. We also really want to give back to our community and have a ‘gofundme’ setup to help mothers who face really tough situations (like DV) and don't have the finance or support to get the care they need and deserve.

What is something that makes you feel confident?

Carla: Swimming in the ocean, rain hail or shine. I feel at home, calm and strong in the water. Nadia: Yoga. I always feel confident, calm and grounded on my mat.

What does ‘success’ mean for you right now; is this something that has changed over the years?

No. 1 success for both of us is being mothers, there is nothing more rewarding than raising our children. In biz, every order or booking (big or small), we get so excited and happy to be helping women in our community or afar. Success is helping others, being able to give back and we feel so blessed to be living this path.

What would you say to yourself 10 (or 20, or 30) years ago, if you could?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. And be patient; trust the process, as everything will be exactly as it is meant to be


And finally; who is a woman that you admire?

Our mothers (of course) as we wouldn’t be here without them and they both inspire us to be a better version of ourselves. Their love, support and cheerleading means the world to us both (we admire our mamas).

 In terms of icons, we LOVE Teresa Palmer. She is a local powerhouse doing all kinds of good in this world, she cares for the planet and its animals and she is the most incredible mama.